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Happy New Year

This is only the second year I can remember where I’ve woken up on the first day of the year and was pretty sure that the year ahead wouldn’t completely suck. It’s a new feeling so I’m just going to just roll with it. Happy New Year.

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What Is My Storytelling Superpower

Image credit: DIY MFA – Storytelling Superpower Quiz Result: The Protector Your superpower is writing superheroes! Your favorite characters see their world in danger and will do whatever it takes to protect it and those they love in it. These characters may not wear spandex and capes, but they show almost superhuman fortitude in […]

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Life + Writing At Odds

Somewhere between the triage unit off the emergency room and the main entrance, I went blind. Not the “everything went black” kind of blind, but the floor now appeared where the ceiling should’ve been, the walls were blurred, and the ceiling disappeared. My spouse had no idea what was going on and I was so […]

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Superpowers – My Origin Story

“You were born with powers due to your mom being exposed to an unusual chemical while doing menial tasks around the house.” – How Did You Get Your Superpower Online Generator Until 7 months ago, I never believed in superpowers. The day I watched Captain America: The First Avenger changed all that. Recently, someone told […]

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